Building trust
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Building trust
over generations

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Building trust over generations

Founded in 1994, Negandhi Group of Companies is one of London’s
leading family businesses.

We specialise in:

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Our Companies

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Royal Destination weddings is a personalised event management company driven by innovative concepts. They're committed to utilising their years of personal experience in order to help you bring envisions to life, as well as ensuring that your special day runs impeccably and is forever memorable.

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NK has over 30 years of expertise in providing quality IT Solutions to SME. All their engineers are Microsoft Certified. As one of the principal IT companies in UK, their approach to IT support allows them to offer their clients an excellent IT Solutions at optimal cost.

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Mango Marketing & Events are a boutique specialist marketing agency focusing on the multicultural consumer, targeting ethnic communities in the UK. With fierce competition amongst brands, it is even more important to target marketing campaigns to the ethnic communities. Only a limited number of brands reach out to the ethnic communities which means there is huge potential for the brands that do not.

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Property Management Company.

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Our Story

Our founder, Kishor Negandhi grew up in East Africa where his family ran several businesses. From a young age he was determined and motivated to learn everything he could about the family business which was founded by his grandfather in 1880.

In 1990, in the midst of a UK recession, Kishor started NK Computer Services Ltd. He saw a gap in the market and realised that customers did not have the benefit of face to face interactions with IT companies and set out to change this.

Since 1990, NK Computer Services Ltd has been providing IT solutions to clients all over the UK and internationally including the UAE, America, Canada, and Africa.

It is no surprise that Kishor’s daughter Nidhi inherited his drive and determination to become co-founder of The Negandhi Group. As well as assisting her father, Nidhi runs her own Marketing Agency ‘Mango Marketing & Events’, a destination wedding company ‘Royal Destination Weddings’, and boasts a healthy property portfolio.


What they say about us
Scarlett Hine - Mango Marketing & Events
Marketing Manager - Shana Foods Ltd

We have been working with Nidhi for over 10 years. From the beginning they have provided us with excellent service throughout. This includes a range of marketing campaigns including; events, SM as well as a range of ATL activities. Their expertise is evident, measuring and performing every activity down to the smallest detail. The team are all friendly and approachable, always happy and willing to help, making them wonderful to work with. Always quick and efficient, whilst providing a high calibre of service

Shruti & Rohan Shah - Mango Marketing & Events
Independent Choreographers & Artistic Directors (Bollywood Dance School UK)

A client is the happiest when they are provided with solutions to potential issues. That’s what Mango is all about! Nidhi has helped us implement strategies which have helped grow our business. We completely owe Mango all the success of reaching out to the common audience. Her team are full of innovative ideas & concepts and always happy to discuss matters before acting. What we also love about Mango is their personal approach, they are not pushy and will not enforce ideas unless they honestly believe they will work. Whether you are a small upcoming business or even an established one, we would recommend Mango as an agency partner. If you want to instruct an agency with the right attitude, professionalism and skills set, Mango is the company you should instruct.

Shivani Pankhania - Mango Marketing & Events
Director - The Jaspar Group

Nidhi and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. Mango have innovative ideas and think outside the box which sets them apart from other agencies. I would highly recommend using Mango for marketing and events as their experience and wealth of knowledge in these areas helped us to achieve our goals. Thank you Nidhi and Team Mango. We look forward to working with you on many more projects.

Sujay Sohani - Mango Marketing & Events
Director - SKVP UK Ltd

We love working with Nidhi and her team. We have used Mango for managing all our outlet grand opening events and it has always been a great success. Mango have also handled all our advertising and marketing needs, they are simply the best.

David Chenkin - NK Computer Services
DipPFC - AFS Wealth Management

NK Computing have been  our software support for over 10 years! We’ve taken the decision to have all our services hosted by them, and our data is being backed up every day. Being in the financial sector, it is really important that our data is secured.

Parul Goel - NK Computer Services

We are always impressed with how NK Computer Services Ltd have accommodated our needs for IT support at great value since 1995. Not only is NK’s turnaround fast, but they also go that extra mile to ensure our computer network is running the best it possibly can. We recommend NK to anyone looking for a timely service, great value and a friendly professional team.

Mr Sanjay Agrawal - NK Computer Services
CFO - B4U TV Network Europe Ltd

I have known NK Computers Services Ltd since 2001 both in my former employment and in my current employment. I must say that they have always provided an excellent service to us and have been immediately available on a phone call. They have been pro-active and have always advised well in advance to take the necessary steps to keep our IT department upto date with the changes taking place in the industry. This has not only helped our operations to run seamlessly but also has saved us money in the long run.

Ashok Shenoy - Mango Marketing & Events
International Business - B4U Network

Nidhi knows how to creatively reach her customer’s desired market and get best results for her clientele. It’s always fun working with Nidhi & her team. They take their marketing efforts seriously and have always maintained high standards and followed trends to connect with the local audience effectively. It’s been refreshing working with a collaborative agency that understands the South Asia market so well. As a media agency they have a 360 degree approach to get the infusion of new ideas and concepts they  present, their clients get top-notch all the way around. Highly recommended!!

Ash Chadha - Mango Marketing & Events
Director - Asco Foods

Working with Mango over the past couple of years has been an absolute pleasure! Nidhi and her team have my complete trust and confidence when it comes to any task and are very competent when it comes to presenting and selling products. Their professional style and meticulous eye for detail has been picked up by many of the store owners as well, after carrying out successful sampling sessions across the country for our Asco products. The Mango team are definitely one which I look forward to working with every time!

Nisha Ved De Leeuw - Royal Destination Weddings

I would personally rate 7 stars to Royal destination weddings!!! I have been fortunate enough to attend few weddings which were organised by RDW!!! Just imagine the type of wedding you would like to have and express it to them and can assure you will see that happening live!!

Shivani Ladwa - Royal Destination Weddings

Every time I have been blown away with the attention to detail and Nidhi’s perseverance to get every event perfect. The food and decor was incredible and there was so much thought and precision into how every event needs to look. Her creativity is beyond imagination and is like nothing I have ever seen before. More importantly her commitment and approach will make you feel at ease and give you the confidence that everything will be taken care of.

Nita Udeshi - Royal Destination Weddings

You only get married once, make it extra special and go that extra mile...that’s what Royal Destination Weddings are all about.


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